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Photoshop Essentials course

Are you ready to get started in Photoshop? In this 2-day Photoshop course, you will be introduced to the world’s most popular image-processing program.

Learn to use Photoshop at this 2-day course in Aarhus and Copenhagen, where you will receive comprehensive instruction from an Adobe-certified expert.

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the essential tools and functions of the program so that you can produce impressive graphics and edit images for professional use.

After this course, you will be able to comfortably navigate the user interface in Photoshop with ease – you’ll be cropping images, changing colours, using layers, and much, much more.

Sign up for this Photoshop Introduction course in English and get started on the right foot with Photoshop
alongside the best and brightest international creative and design professionals in Scandinavia.

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What you’ll learn on the course

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Basic Settings in Photoshop

You will be introduced to Photoshop’s user interface. During this introduction to the basic settings in the program, you’ll get the best tips for correct setup of the panels and tools so that you start off right, from the start.

Understand and use layers in Photoshop

When you know the difference between the background layer, adjustment layer and text layer you have the keys to a better understanding and use of the program. This makes it much easier to work with graphics and images, just the way you want to.

Selections in Photoshop

Learn to use the selection tools so that you can easily make selections – adjusting, scaling and altering them to your will, and then saving them for later use.

JPEG, GIF, and PNG – What’s the difference, anyway?

Learn the important differences between .jpeg, .gif, .png, .psd file types so that you can readily use them across programs.

Combine images into collages

When you know how to properly use the Mask tool, you can quickly make collages by easily moving parts of one image to another or manipulate or add extra elements to your photographs.

How do you adjust colours?

Understand how you can make adjustments to light, colours, and sharpness so that your images are more stunning, sharp and make just the right visual impression you envision.

Perfect Retouching, every time

With Photoshop’s huge choice of retouching tools it is easy to remove red eye, wrinkles, and unsightly blemishes. In this course, you will discover the endless possibilities of Content Aware Fill for automatically deleting or replacing unwanted elements in your images.

Text Tools

Learn to place text in your images and get informed of the different typographical options in Photoshop.


This is an entry-level course conducted in English. It is for creative and design professionals with an international edge. If you have any questions relating to the course, you are always welcome to call 70 20 80 55.

Unique networking opportunity

With an international focus, Softworld is Scandinavia’s leading provider of graphic design and digital media courses. In our courses, you will be learning alongside the best and brightest professionals in Scandinavian graphic design and digital media.

What other participants say about the courses

I can notice a clear difference in my work after having been on a course at Softworld.

I have used the offer of 6 month support more than once and I always get a swift response. It works very well.

– Henriette, Skive College

The courses are designed very well and there were not too many people per course.

It is very beneficial to have a detailed plan from the instructor while also making room for individual needs and interests of the participants.

– Jesper, Jyllandsposten

The courses at Softworld are on a high-quality level and the instructors have been super qualified on all the courses I have attended.

The atmosphere on the courses is great and the environment is nice.

– Ella, Postnord Frimærker

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